Java Development

Java Development in surat

The most important inspiration was the need for a platform-independent language that can be used to create software to be embedded in a variety of consumer electronic devices such as remote control and not limited to just computer. JVM – Java Virtual Machine translates a Java program into bytecode that makes it much easier to dart a program in wide variety of environments.

Java bytecode is intermediate representation of java program that interprets on any system that provides a Java Virtual Machine – JVM. So its very easy to translate directly in native machine code and makes high at performance using JIT – Just in Time.and the most benifit of java language is Write Once, Run Anywhere

At Softloopers we have developer for java web and desktop application they are experience in clinet server technology with Swing and AWT, Servlets, Applets, Spring, Hibrnate, Struts MVC J2EE Framework,

In JSP. We provide the service and solution with experts in design and development of re-usable enterprice system and various web application applications.

Our Other Services includes:

1) Core Java Application development

2) Desktop application development

3) Mobile application development and maintance


Java Business Portfolio

Insurance Management System

Built in: Java
Technology: Java Desktop Application

Application with Bluetooth

Built in: Java
Technology: Swing, J2EE, SQLite

It is GUI application provide the ability to several users to connect with their bluetooth with personal computer (PC) to collabrate with other users. The software provides the ability to file transfer, chat and transfers the data. Bluetooth works as device join the network and tranfering the data.

Chat Server(Under Development)

Built in: Java
Technology: Swing, J2EE, JDBC,Android

Chat server using xebber client and java chat server based on XMPP protocol.